Unnakameen chembu (dried fish and taro)curry

Ingredients-chembu-3 to 4 peeled and cubed
Dry fish-150 gms-cut
shallots-5 to6
coriander powder-1tsp
green chilli-2
curry leaves-1sprig
dry red chilli-3
tamarind(gambooge)-1/2 pod
mustard seeds-1tsp
salt as per taste
oil 2 tbsp

Add the fish ,chembu, turmeric salt ,tamarind and water into a vessel cook it till done and let the water evaporate.Now grind together coconut,coriander powder, 4 shallots and green chillies.Add this to the fish and chembu.Heat it but do not let it boil.Take another pan.heat oil add the mustard seeds, when it splutters add sliced shallots, redchill and curry leaves.When the onion browns pour this over the curry.
Serve hot with rice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this...i always wanted to cook this curry.