Fish Fry

Fish fry is a common dish made in our homes.Its a quick and easy recipe.

Karimeen fry

prawns fry

pomfret fry

Fish -250 gms cleaned
ginger garlic paste-2tbsp
curry leaves powdered-1tbsp
chilli powder-1tbsp
crushed pepper-1tsp
salt as per taste.
oil-for frying
lime juice-1/2 lemon
onion-1 thinly sliced
coriander leaves-garnish
 Make a paste with the ginger garlic, curry leaves powder,chilli,pepper salt ,turmeric,pepper and salt.Make gashes and apply the mixture on to the fish.Leave it to marinate for 30 mins.Now heat oil in a pan add the fish pieces.Fry both sides for 3 to 4 mins each or as pe the thickness of the slices.
Garnish with sliced onions,coriander leaves and sprinkle lime juice and salt over!!!!!!!!!!

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