Red Kidney Beans (Rajma) & Spinach Curry

Red Kidney Beans-2 cups, cooked
Spinach - 2cups, chopped
Onion-1, medium sized, finely chopped
Tomatoes- 1 can, crushed/chopped
Coriander leaves- 2sprigs, chopped (optional)
Garlic- 1tsp, minced
Garam Masala- 1/2tsp
Chilli powder-1tsp
Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp (optional)
Salt as per taste
Water-1 cups

Heat the oil in a pan/pressure cooker. Saute the onions. Add the chilli powder, turmeric powder and garam masala. Roast for few seconds. Add  the tomato,minced garlic, cooked beans, spinach and salt as per taste. Pour1 cup of water. Cook until the gravy thickens. If using a pressure cooker, cook  until 1 whistle. Sprinkle chopped coriander leaves. Serve with roti or rice!!!!!!

If using dry beans- soak it for 4-6 hours, pressure cook until 2 whistles. Drain the water and rinse the beans well.
If using canned beans, drain the water and rinse the beans well.
You may use fresh tomatoes  instead of canned ones.


Mixed Vegetable Cutlets

Vegetables-1 large potato, 1 medium sized carrot.1/2 of a beetroot, peas and corn-1cup 
Shallots-8 to 10 or 1 small onion, finely chopped
Ginger-1/2 inch, grated
Green chillies-2, finely chopped (optional)
Curry leaves- 6-8 leaves, finely chopped (optional)
Bread crumbs (I have used multi-seeded bread)
Eggs-3, beated (For vegetarian  option use plain flour or maida batter)
Pepper powder-1tsp
Salt to taste

Dice the vegetables and pressure cook it until 1-2 whistles. Allow this to cool down and lightly mash the vegetables. In a pan, heat 2 tbsps of oil. Saute the shallots, ginger, green chillies and curry leaves. Add the mashed vegetables, powdered pepper and salt. Mix well. Allow to cool down. Divide the mix into equal portions. Make small round patties. In a separate bowl beat the eggs. Coat each cutlet with the egg mix/maida batter and then coat it with the bread crumbs. Spray some cooking oil in a pan and fry the cutlets, both sides until the crumb coating is brown and crispy or deep fry the cutlets in oil. Remove the  cutlets on to a kitchen towel.
Serve hot with ketchup !!!!!!!!!!


Appam (Fermented Rice Pancake)

Long grain Rice- 2 cups (soaked in water for 4 hours)
Cooked Rice-1 cup
Grated Coconut -1 cup
Cumin seeds-1/2 tsp
Shallots- 2-3
Salt to taste
Sugar-1tsp (optional)
Oil (if using cast iron pan), optional if using non-stick.

Mix the yeast and sugar in 2 tbsps of luke warm water; allow the yeast bloom. Grind the soaked rice with the cooked rice, yeast mix and required amount of water to a smooth paste. Leave it to ferment. 

Grind the coconut, cumin seeds and shallots to a coarse paste. Mix this with the fermented rice batter. Add salt. The batter should be thick in consistency. Heat the pan ( if possible use cast iron pan). Smear it with 2 drops of oil (Gingelly oil is best when using cast iron vessel). Pour a ladle full of batter. Do not spread it. Allow to cook on one side for 1-1.5 mins and then flip it over and allow to cook for a minute.

To make soft appams: 
Use cooked rice when making the batter.
Use good quality long grain rice.
Allow the batter to ferment well (preferably overnite) 
Allow the pancake to rise before flipping it over.
Do not overcook the appams.