Ethakya & payar payasam

Onam feast is incomplete without atleast one payasam.I wanted to make something different this onam.This was the first time I tried this but it came out well.

Ethakya-3 to 4 medium steamed and minced or mashed
Moong dal(payar)-50 gms-cooked
Jaggery-150gms/2cups liquidised and strained
coconut milk-1cup
ghee-1/2 cup
sago seeds or sabudana-cooked
cumin seeds-1tbsp crushed
cardamom powder-2tsp
dry ginger-1inch crushed

Add the cumin seeds and dry ginger while you liquidise the jaggery then strain it.
Heat ghee in a pan and fry the nuts and raisins.Remove it and then add the banana and stir it into the ghee for 5 minutes.Add the cookd lentils and sago seeds.You need to mix it well to avoid it sticking to the pan.Once its mixed well ,slowly add the jaggery.The colour of the payasam depends on the type of jaggery we use.I used black jaggery(chakkara).Now add the coconut milk,Mix well then add cardamom powder.Switch the flame off when the mixture is hot.do not allow it to boil.Add the fried nuts and raisins.
This payasam is best served warm as it tends to thicken when it goes cold.if this happens Add hot milk and stir well till the texture returns to normal.


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