Mattar paneer( geen peas and paneer or haloumi in gravy with fresh cream

Green peas-1cup
paneer or haloumi-1cup cubed
onion-2 minced
ginger garlic-2tsp minced
tomatoes-2 minced
green chilli-2
curry leaves-1sprig
chilli powder-1tsp
coriander powder-1tsp
cumin powder-1tsp
cardamom-2 crushed
garam masala-1/2tsp
cumin seeds-1tsp
salt as per taste
cream-2tbsp optional
coriander leaves chopped.

Fry the cubed paneer till golden brown.Now heat oil in a pan.Add cumin seeds,cinnamon and cardamom followed by ginger garlic and green chilli.Saute it then add the onions.cook it till onions are half cooked.Now add the chilli powder, coriander powder,turmeric and cumn powder.Stir it for a minute then add the tomatoes.Cook till the tomatoes are cooked and pulpy.Now add the green peas.Cover the pan and cook it for 4 to 5 mins.
Now add the paneer.let it cook for a minute then stir in the cream.Put off the flame.
Sprinkle the garam masala before serving .Garnish with coriander leaves.
Serve with rotis, naan or puri!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great share ...........Thanks

jasmine said...

ithu nuna.....from wr you got paneer???

Biny Anoop said...

jasmine paneer we can get it in indian stores.It is also called haloumi.......u get it in tesco.............thx for the encouraging verses :)