Payar payasam (green lentil dessert)

Payasam or kheer is a dessert.Its mainly made on auspicious occasions.Payar payasam is my husbands favourite.

yellow moong dal-1cup
jaggery-1/2 cup liquidised adjust the sweetness as per ur taste
coconut milk-1cup
cardamom powder-1tsp
dry fruits-50 gms -raisins and cashewnuts
sago -cooked 3tbsp
water 1 cup

Roast the dal, wash it and pressure cook it with  water.Now heat ghee in a pan and add the cooked lentils, stir it well to mix the dal with the ghee.add the cooked sago, jaggery and cook it for few mins.Sprinkle the cardamon powder.keep on stirring to avoid burning.When done add the coconut milk, switch off the flame and mix well.
In another pan heat the ghee and roast the raisins and cashew nuts.Add this into the payasam.
Your payasam is ready to be served hot or cold.


Anu said...

MY one and only favourite payasam.............

Anonymous said...

This recipe reminds me of my childhood. Looks delicious...