Pathiri (Rice tortillas)

Pathiris are prepared from rice flour.Its a malabar speciality.This is the second time I m making this.last time was a disaster but surprisingly it came out well today.

rice flour-1cup
grated coconut-1cup
cumin seeds-1tsp
shallots 4 to 5
water-1 cup
salt as per taste

Dry grind the coconut, shallots and cumin seed.

Now boil the water in a pan.add salt to this.When it begins boiling add the coconut mixture to this.Let it cook for a minute or 2.Now slowly add the rice flour.Mix it and cook it.When ready it will have an upma like consisitency.Now remove it and let it cool down a bit.Knead the dough when its warm but not too hot( don't burn ur hands) .and make it into small balls

now using a rolling pin roll out like a chappati.Use some extra flour if u think so.for a better shape than mine u can use a cutter and cut out similar round shaped pathiris.I was just lazy.Heat a pan and cook the pathiri till both sides are done.

Serve with chicken,mutton or beef curry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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