Carrot cake with white chocolate icing

I love cakes.Though I can bake cakes ,I am bad at icing and decorations.Someday I will learn the art of icing cakes.But meanwhile we will continue with the recipe.

Carrots-2 med sized, grated
castorsugar-100 gms
butter-50 gms
self raising flour-100 gms
cinnamon powder-1tsp( if u do not have cinnamon u may use cardamom or vanilla essence)
walnut or cashewnuts-broken-10 to 12

white chocolate-100 gms
Butter-2 tbsp
icing sugar-2 tsp

Beat the egg and sugar.Melt the butter.Add this to the beaten egg.Now add the cinnamon powder.Slowly add the self raising flour.Mix well and then add the nuts.Preheat the oven to 180 deg cel.Grease a cake tin.Pour the mix into it and bake it for 20 to 30 mins at 180 deg cel.test it with a fork if the cake is done, it wont stick to it.Allow the cake to cool.    
Now melt the chocolates.beat the butter and icing sugar.Slowly add the chocolate.Apply this on the cake and decorate it as u prefer.

Alternatively you may bake it into muffins and decorate with pistachios!!!!!!!

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