Veggie Wraps

These wraps I made for a contest in Manjula's kitchen.Hope you all like it.I have made it vegeterian but you may add cooked shredded  chicken to it if you prefer.

Veggie wraps;

For 3 wraps;
To make dough
spinach leaves-wilted on a pan or microwaved-2 tbsp(optional)
salt as per taste.

Capsicum-1/2 cup cut thinly lengthwise:red yellow,green
onion- small 1/2 thinly sliced lengthwise
carrot-small 1/2 thinly sliced lengthwise
coriander leaves -2tbsp
mayonaisse- 2tbsp or lime juice-1 tbsp
crushed pepper-2tsp
salt as per taste

tomato-1 cubed
garlic-1 clove finely chopped
chilli powder-1tsp
salt as per taste

Preparation.;Mix the ingredients for the dough and knead into a soft dough.After 10 mins make small balls and make lat rotis.Cook it on a pan as you wud make chappatis.Keep it aside.

Take a pan.Heat oil , add the garlic saute it well.Then add the tomatoes.Add the chilli powder and salt.Cook it till the tomatoes are pulpy.Mash it well till it thickens to form a sauce.

In another pan heat oil add the pepper,carrot and onions.put salt as required.When vegetables are cooked.Add pepper.If you are adding lime juice add at this point and keep the filling aside.

Now take each rotis, apply the sauce on it.Put 2 tbsp of the filling.If you are adding mayonaisse add it.Fold the wraps tightly.Cut it into 2 if required

Serve immediately!!!!!!!!!

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