Chicken and Penne Bake

This is an adaptation from exclusively food.The original recipe calls for 150 gm of penne but I have added 300 gms.

Penne-150 to 300 gms
Chicken-350 gms-cubed
Bacon-60 gms,finely chopped
onion-1 med,chopped
mushrooms-1/4 cup,roughly chopped
garlic-2 finely chopped
Butter-25 gm
Flour-30 gms
pepper-2 to3 tsp
chicken stock-11/2 cup
milk-11/2 cup
grated cheese-50 gms
Carrot-1 cleaned and chopped small
mozarella cheese-50 gms
cheddar cheese-50 gms

Cook the penne pasta as per the instruction on the packet.add 1 tsp of oil and salt to this.When cooked.Strain and keep it aside.
Add 1 tbsp of oil,add in the onion and bacon and stir fry it for 6 mins.Remove from the flame.

I boiled the chicken with some salt.When done Remove the chicken pieces and keep the stock.Heat the pan ,Add oil and put in the chicken ,mushroom and diced carrot.Stir fry for 5 mins.Now in a separate pan.Add the butter,When the butter melts,put the flour and cook on a medium flame till the raw smell is gone.add the cheese and crushed pepper .por in the stock and milk.

When it heats,add the onion,bacon,chicken and vegetables with the cooked penne.Mix well and pour it in an oven friendly tray.add the mozarella and cheddar topping.

Bake in a preheated oven at 200 deg cel for 20 mins
When done allow to stand for 5 mins and SERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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