Keralite Chicken and Vegetable Stew

Chicken-250gms,cut into small portions
Vegetables-11/2cup(I used carrots,beans and potato)
Whole spices(cardamom-3pods,cloves-3,cinnamon-2inches)
Coconut milk-100 mls,I used maggi coconut milk powder-3tbsp
Onion-1 or shallots-15-finely chopped
Ginger-1/2inch,finely chopped
Garlic-2cloves-finely chopped
Green chillies-2,slit lengthwise
Curry leaves-1sprig
Salt to taste

Heat oil in a pressure cooker and add the whole spices.When the aroma of the spices reach ur nose add the onions,ginger,garlic,green chillies and curry leaves.Saute it until half cooked and then add in the vegetables and chicken with half cup of water and salt.Cook it for 3 whistles.When the cooker cool down,open it and add the coconut milk and heat it for 2 mins.
Serve hot with appams or bread!!!!!!!!


Sravs said...

wonderful and inviting chicken !!

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Poonam Borkar said...

this looks delicious..glad to follow u..visit my space too in your free time!! :)
Kande Pohe

Jay said...

awesome version...feel like tasting now..;P
Tasty Appetite

Purabi Naha said...

This looks awesome!! Loved the droolworthy pictures. Bookmarked!

Rekha shoban said...

adipoli stew!!!

Ananda Rajashekar said...

oh that looks fantastic Biny, would love to have with appam :)