A surprise award

Oh my God I cant believe.I received this.Thanks and big hugs to Sujatha epicureansdelight.blogspot.com. for the award.
This is my first ever award.
I would like to pass it to my friends;
Pappu's kitchen
Mymoonah's taste of pearl city
aipi of usmasala
jaisy of entepachakasala
pushpa of simplehomefood
satya of superyummyrecipes
fathima of thattukada
nitha of nitks.
karishma of cookwithkary
suja s of kichencorner.
sarah naveen of vazhayila
sushma m of authenticfooddelights.blogspot.com/
padhu of padhuskitchen
suhaina of mysingaporekitchen
roshan of roshanscucina

Sameena u are one of my favs as well but since u already seem to have got this award ur name s not here


Pappu said...

congratulations on your award, Biny. you deserve many more awards n thanks for sharing it with me. so sweet of u!


aipi said...

Congrats Biny on the award, you deserve for being such a lovely blogger..and thanks for sharing it with me..appreciated..:)

US Masala

Suji said...

Congrats Biny..Thanks for sharing...Wish you many many more...

Torviewtoronto said...

thank you Biny I have posted

nisha said...

Congrats Biny

Pushpa said...

Congratulations Biny,best wishes for many many more awards to come your way.Thanks for sharing with me...

Pushpa @ simplehomefood.com

Suja Manoj said...

Congrats on your award dear,wishing u many many more..thank for sharing it with me too:)

Gayathri Kumar said...

Congrats for winning the beautiful award

Karishma said...

congratulations, Biny...and I just can't believe you've passed the award to me...it's my first blog award too! yippee! Thank you so much..could you also please tell me how do I put up the widget on my blog?

Karishma said...

scratch my last comment, biny..i figured it out..thanks again tho!