Sindhi Chicken Biriyani

When you hear the title you must be thinking of the masala I used in this Biriyani.Thanks to Shan the company who makes different types of masalas,This recipe was on the packet of Shan Sindhi Biriyani Masala,I have made few changes as per my taste.

Chicken-cleaned and cut-500 gms
Basmati rice-500gms,soaked in water for 30 mins
Shan's Sindhi Biriyani Masala-1pkt
Onions-3 finely diced
Tomatoes-3 finely chopped
Potatoes-3 peeled and cubed
Ginger garlic paste-2tbsp
Green chillies-3 slit lengthwise
Chilli powder-2tsp(optional)
Coriander leaves-5 sprigs,minced
Mint leaves-8 to 10 leaves,minced
Salt as per taste
Cashews and raisins-2 to 3 tbsp
Oil-2 to 3 tbsp

Mix the Biriyani masala with the curd,add some salt to this.Now make gashes on the chicken and coat it with the masala paste.Leave it to marinate for 20 to 30 mins.Now Boil water and add the soaked basmati rice.Add ghee and 1 tsp salt.Cook it till 50 % done and then drain the rice.
In a pan heat the oil.Add ginger garlic paste.cook it in oil until the raw smell is gone.Now add the onions with 1 tsp salt.Cook it till onions are translucent.Now add the chilli powder, turmeric and salt as per taste.The tomatoes,potatoes and chicken can go in now.Mix it well.add 3 to 4 tbsp of water.Close the lid and let it cook for 10 mins.
Now in an oven friendly wide pan or tray.Pour the chicken with gravy.Now put half of the rice on top.Sprinkle 3/4th of the minced herbs and some dry fruits.Add the other half of rice.Garnish on top with the remaining herbs and dry fruits.
Cook in a preheated oven for 45 mins at 180 to 200 deg cel.

Serve hot with raita and pickle.



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