Curd curry(Moru curry)

,sadyaA moru curry may be the easiest curry u can make....The thought of having it with hot rice and just pickle makes my mouth water.Back home we make yogurt from culture and it used to be sour.But here it becomes a bit difficult due to cold weather and getting the natural yogurt from the shops is easy and cheap.

Natural yogurt-2 cups
cumin seeds-1tsp
shallots-5 chopped
green chilli-3 finely chopped
ginger garlic-finely chopped-2 tbsp
curry leaves-1 sprig
red chilli-2
fenugreek seed-1tsp
mustard seeds-1tsp
turmeric-1 tsp
salt as per taste

Blend the yogurt .Heat oil in a pan.Splutter mustard seeds.Now put in the cumin and fenugreek seed and red chilli.Saute it and then add the onions, ginger ,garlic ,green chillies and curry leaves.Add the turmeric.When the raw smell is gone, add the blended yogurt to this and keep on stirring till the curd curry is hot.Avoid overheating as curd will curdle.Switch off the flame.Now add salt and stir well.

Moru curry can also be made with coconut.For this you gring coconut-1/2 cup with cumin seeds and green chilli.Add this before you add yogurt in the above recipe cook for a minute and then add the curd.

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